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April 26, 2016



Is there a word for a person with just too many hobbies?!

Something I have been working on developing for several years, Defiler is my first take on a jewelry and accessory line, completely hand crafted and made from 100% organic materials. I first came up with the idea for Defiler while browsing through Etsy looking for rings and pendants to purchase for every day wear. I have always been a huge fan of pieces made from bone and antler, but I wasn’t seeing anything that I thought was really aggressive enough looking for my particular style.

As with anything that I want and can’t seem to find exactly what I’m looking for, my brain leaps right to the thought, “I’ll just make it myself!”, despite having absolutely zero experience or understanding of jewelry design.

Having a large group of hunters and trappers in my network to source materials from, and a large collection of black metal music for inspiration, I set to work on creating my line, Defiler.

Somewhat of an inside joke for Dungeons and Dragons players, the name Defiler comes from the Dark Sun campaign setting; the Defilers were a sect of magic users who heedlessly drained the life force from living plants and animals to fuel their dark magic, leaving the world a barren wasteland.

Some experimentation was definitely needed in testing different types of wood to make the rings from, I ended up settling on an Indonesian coconut palm, which I found to be both workable for the rings and hard enough to withstand a bit of an impact without shattering.

What followed was a lot of experimentation with various teeth, claws, antlers, and other materials to create my first line. Things have been developing well over the next couple of years, as I continue to experiment with various combinations of gemstones and other materials to create the ideal look.


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