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January 15, 2015
Sydney goes to the Discotheque
April 26, 2016

Birthday Beauty

My fiancé and I had a wonderful weekend together during her visit from New York. It was a nice change from last year where we spent her birthday in Brooklyn and had a house party, this year we stayed in Los Angeles and explored some of the things around the city I have been meaning to check out.

Saturday we took a trip to the Los Angeles zoo, which neither of us had visited before. We were a bit too busy in the moment and having fun for me to remember to take any pictures of the animals! I did get a couple photos of us canoodling, which is probably the more important thing during a birthday date :)

Dinner was a somewhat poor attempt I made at throwing Mary Ellen a surprise party, I'm not very good at surprises! But it was great to get some friends together for Korean BBQ. I think the most important lesson learned that night was to courteously leave out your vegan friends when going to one of these places for dinner -_-; my bad.

Finally on Sunday I took Mary Ellen out on a peddle boating date in Echo Park! I have seen other people out on the lake a few times and always wanted to go, it's a super fun and relaxing way to spend an hour feeling just a little bit of adventure and fun right in the middle of the city!


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