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All things begin and end as stories. Every person, product or business has a story to tell.

I am passionate to help shape and tell these stories, because I believe storytelling
is the most powerful way to bring new ideas into the world today.

I'm Brenton, a brand manager and marketing director from Brooklyn. I have been spending my days as the Senior Director for Digital Media Content with a nonprofit organization, and my nights as a freelance branding specialist and creative director. I am passionate about building communities, leadership development, and LGBTQ inclusion.

My career has included working for clients that range from micro businesses to international corporations. I have produced award winning and published work for businesses in the fashion, beauty, entertainment,
sports and defense industries.

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I create lifestyles around your business.

I use expert storytelling to forge the bond
between your brand and your customer.

With over 12 years of experience starting as a graphic designer, then an art director, and now a marketing manager, I have had the pleasure and privilege to work on some of the highest tier brands in the defense, outdoors, and sporting industries. My experiences balance a wonderful dichotomy between working as a contractor for the military and defense industry, and exploring creativity and culture with my music, fashion and beauty clients.

My most recent experience as the Senior Manager for Digital Media Content at one of the largest nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles has given me the insight and personal touch required to create compelling and engaging content across a wide range of social media platforms and outlets.

I have a deep passion for leadership and team building, skills that I have honed through continued education and participation in leadership development programs and volunteer work. I have a life long interest in athletics, teamwork and personal growth.

Client Samples

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Brenton Chapman

Content Developer, Brand Manager, Marketing Director, Unicorn Enthusiast


I am a brand management and marketing specialist with a 360 degree view of design, production, marketing, and team leadership.

I direct and deploy marketing strategies for a wide variety of brands as well as government clients. I create evocative content by forming creative relationships and collaborations between brands and people.

I manage projects, deadlines and budgets using landmark strategies, and help tell your story through an engaged and personal touchpoint.

The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.
- JRR Tolkien
  • Creative Direction90%
  • Business Administration80%
  • Adobe Photoshop85%
  • Adobe Illustrator70%
  • Adobe InDesign65%
  • HTML570%
  • CSS80%
  • Social Media Marketing80%
  • Brand Management85%

Hobbies, Interests, and Activities

  • Electronic music production
  • Dance floor enthusiasm
  • Community building
  • Inclusion education
  • Casual gaming
Fitness and body building
Skill and leadership development

Additional Skills, Groups and Training

Member of the Los Angeles Community Leadership Development program.
Co-founder of Dragon Tribe Personal Evolution
Elected Union Delegate AFSCME Local 800
Trained public speaker and engagement coordinator
Volunteer with JQ International LGBTQ center
Volunteer with the Wounded Warrior Project

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